Macron reveals stance on NATO, EU & Ukraine ahead of Putin talks

Monday - 07/02/2022 09:25
The French president insists Putin doesn’t covet Ukraine, but wants to rein in NATO
Putin and Macron in 2020 © Global Look Press / Mark Vorwerk
Putin and Macron in 2020 © Global Look Press / Mark Vorwerk

into former Soviet territories, citing an agreement made at the time of the USSR’s collapse that has since been repeatedly violated.

Taking aim at the US refusal to end NATO’s controversial “open door policy,” Macron warned, “We have to be very realistic. We will not obtain unilateral moves, but it is essential to avoid a deterioration of the situation before building mechanisms and reciprocal gestures of trust.”

Macron also spoke with America's President Joe Biden on Sunday, discussing “ongoing diplomatic and deterrence efforts”regarding Russia and Ukraine. He will visit Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday.

Biden last week ordered the deployment of 3,000 US troops to Poland, Germany and Romania, preparing for an invasion that Moscow flatly denies is coming. While Ukraine has walked back some of its warnings regarding the supposed imminence of a Russian invasion, the US has only doubled down, threatening to remove Russia from the SWIFT financial system or impose personal sanctions on Putin.

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