Netanyahu picks fight with Biden in final speech as prime minister

Monday - 14/06/2021 09:18
Gantz: No political move justifies taking fight public; Bennett thanks Biden for supporting Israel in last Gaza war

Benjamin Netanyahu compared US President Joe Biden administration’s planned return to the Iran deal to US neglect of European Jews during the Holocaust, in his final speech as prime minister on Sunday.“

The administration in Washington asked me not to discuss our disagreement on Iran publicly, but with all due respect, I can’t do that,” Netanyahu said.

He compared the US returning to the Iran deal to former US president Franklin Delano Roosevelt declining to bomb the train tracks to Auschwitz when he had the chance.

At the time, Netanyahu said, the Jewish people “did not have a voice, a country, an army,” but now they do.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett indicated that he plans to continue former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies vis-à-vis Iran, in his address to the Knesset immediately before Netanyahu’s, ahead of the vote to approve a new government under his leadership.

But Netanyahu said Bennett does the opposite of what he says, and therefore, he won’t protect Israel from Iran.

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