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​iPhone finally gets most-wanted function ​

Apple has responded to one of the “most requested” changes to the iPhone while unveiling a raft of new upgrades, as well as a new MacBook.

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​ The new iPhone’s coolest new features ​

Apple has unveiled its newest product line, including the iPhone 13, whose camera includes an amazing new video feature.

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Facebook Messenger adds end-to-end encryption to voice and video calls

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps on the market.

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If you care about privacy, delete these 4 apps from your phone

A report from Blissmark, for example, calls out several mobile apps as being particularly egregious when it comes to their degree of creepiness and how little they seem to care about privacy.

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iOS 14.5 Features More Than 200 New Emojis, Facial Recognition with Masks, and New Siri Voice Options

Apple’s iOS 14.5 is officially available for iPhone owners as of Monday, and there’s plenty to be excited about.

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This stunning iPhone 13 concept has an all-screen display like nothing we’ve seen before

One of the more bizarre Apple patents we’ve seen in quite some time details a method by which a user would be able to control functions on an Apple Watch or iPhone merely.

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Fun but doomed: LG's most memorable smartphones

There had been chatter for years that LG would quit the smartphone business.

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Xiaomi mocked online after spending 3 years on new logo that looks almost identical to the original

Chinese smartphone-maker Xiaomi was ridiculed online after it unveiled a new version of its company logo, which surprisingly looks almost identical to the old one.

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Thing Apple will finally let you do ​

Apple makes a lot of decisions on behalf of its customers but the computing giant is finally letting them pick how they want to use one feature.

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Apple update iOS, iPadOS to address WebKit and kernel security flaws against hackers

Security flaws in the software on your iPhone may have already been exploited by hackers and you need to update to fix the problem.

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Apple could bring back Touch ID in next iPhone due to COVID masks

The pandemic has brought in billions for the world’s most valuable company – and could also prompt the return of a feature it had previously replaced.

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iPhone 12 Mini Review: Fun Size, Not-So-Fun Battery Life

The iPhone 12 Mini does everything just as well as its larger iPhone 12 sibling, except lasting all day

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Apple helped the US government build a 'top secret' iPod, former engineer says

Apple, Bechtel and the Department of Energy did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the project.

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BlackBerry phones are back, baby

Startup OnwardMobility plans to release a new 5G BlackBerry next year.

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You can pre-order Microsoft's Surface Duo foldable phone today

It launches September 10th for $1,399.

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Why iPhone 12 Will Be Another 'Defining Chapter' In Apple's Growth Story

The Apple Thesis: There has been a discernible uptick in iPhone 12 forecasts, which bodes well for demand, Ives said, citing Wedbush's new Asia supply chain checks.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 leak shows improved hinge design

The camera notch on the inner display has been replaced by a punch-hole.

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