Billie Eilish under fire for video ‘mocking’ accents, alleged Asian slur

Friday - 18/06/2021 09:20
Billie Eilish is being scrutinised by her fans after an inflammatory TikTok video surfaced online, with many calling on her to apologise.

Some are saying she’s a ‘Lost Cause’.

Billie Eilish has come under fire over an allegedly resurfaced TikTok video, in which the 19-year-old singer appears to mock several ethnic accents and utter the Asian slur “c***k”. TikTok user @lcxvy posted the inflammatory clip on the platform on Monday, and it had racked up 1 million views as of Thursday morning.

The authenticity of the clip has yet to be confirmed, but the undated compilation – hashtagged #billieeilishcancelled – shows the seven-time Grammy winner appearing to say a derogatory term for people of Chinese descent.

Billie Eilish has come under fire for 'mocking' accents. Picture: Instagram
Billie Eilish has come under fire for 'mocking' accents. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram


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A second clip depicts the Bad Guy singer’s brother Finneas allegedly calling her out for talking in a “blaccent”.

The offensive mashup concludes with the Los Angeles native, who recently dropped the salacious Lost Cause music video, speaking unintelligibly in what some commenters are saying sounds like a mock Asian voice.

Billie Eilish was also recently accused of ‘queer baiting’ with this video clip for ‘Lost Cause’. Picture: YouTube
Billie Eilish was also recently accused of ‘queer baiting’ with this video clip for ‘Lost Cause’.
Picture: YouTubeSource:Supplied


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Reps for Eilish did not immediately respond to The Post’srequest for comment, but the clip – which has since been reposted to Twitter – didn’t sit too well with many viewers.

“Aw man she rlly needs to talk about this,” lamented one disillusioned fan on TikTok.

“Im not surprised billie eilish is racist …” another said in a retweet of the shocking clip.

One commenter fumed, “Billie eilish has been racist to asians on multiple occasions (saying the c slur and mocking asian languages) but no one ever talks about it.”

However, others flocked to the songwriter’s defence, claiming she was only 14 in the compiled clips.

“U guys are sensitive and she was 14, she does not act like that anymore and we all [k]now it but for some reason we dug out those vids,” said one supporter on TikTok.


Other fans blamed the clips on the star’s Tourette syndrome, a disorder that causes the sufferer to exhibit involuntary tics. Eilish divulged in 2018 that she had the condition, but explained that her tics were physical, not verbal, Billboard reported at the time.

Meanwhile, some defenders claimed that the clips were taken out of context and urged Eilish to explain them.

This article originally appeared on the New York Post and was reproduced with permission


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