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Migrants found dead in back of truck in Texas

A US politician has slammed Joe Biden’s “deadly” policies after dozens of migrants were found dead in a truck in Texas.

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Uvalde police chief placed on leave amid outrage over shooter inaction

Pete Arredondo is blamed for police waiting 77 mins before intervening as 19 children and two teachers were killed

Juneteenth Still Not Recognized as a Paid Holiday in Most States

However, some states are treating Juneteenth as a day of remembrance or observance rather than a legal paid holiday.

Mayra Flores' Victory Hailed by Republicans: 'Texas Just Got More Red'

Flores' victory in the 34th district, which was left vacant by Filemon Vela's resignation in March, makes her the first Latina Republican from Texas in Congress.

US drops Covid testing requirement – reports

As of Sunday, no one – vaccinated or unvaccinated – will have to show a negative test to enter the US by air

Patrick Lyoya: Michigan officer charged with murder of motorist

A Michigan police officer has been charged with murder after shooting a Congolese immigrant in the back of the head during a traffic stop.

Armed Man Arrested Near Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s Home Is Charged With Attempted Murder

Man was carrying gun, knife, pepper spray and was upset about leaked draft opinion on Roe v. Wade, prosecutors say

Elon Musk says staff that don’t stop working from home should ‘depart Tesla’ in leaked email

The world’s richest man has reportedly told staff they should leave the company if they won’t abide by a new rule.

Mona Lisa targeted in Louvre cake-throwing attack

Famous work by Leonardo da Vinci wasn't damaged

​ Jaw-dropping excuse for not going inside ​

As questions grow about why Texas police waited outside while a school shooter massacred children, one official has offered a jaw-dropping excuse.

​Why Texas shooter was bullied at school ​

Ramos, 18, killed at least 19 children and two teachers during his twisted massacre at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde on Tuesday.

Ex-prison guard Vicky White dead and inmate Casey White held after manhunt

A female prison guard who went on the run with a murder suspect from an Alabama jail has died after shooting herself as the pair were caught, police say.

Bill Gates on Elon Musk feud and Jeffrey Epstein meetings

In a wide-ranging interview with the BBC's Today programme, Bill Gates says conspiracy theories about him are "crazy" and that being shouted at in public is "awful". He also told the BBC's Mishal Husain that meeting Jeffrey Epstein was a "mistake" and talks about Elon Musk's recent public criticism of him.

Harvard Pledges $100 Million to Redress Ties to Slavery

New report says Ivy League university profited from slavery during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries through its financial connection to donors

‘Stop WOKE’ act becomes law

The measure gives Florida parents the right to sue educators teaching ‘Critical Race Theory’ to their kids

Uber, Lyft Drop Mask Requirement After Judge Voids Public Transportation Mandate

Ride-sharing companies also will allow riders back in the front passenger seat

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