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​Crisis meeting as PM dealt massive blow ​

UK Prime Minister Liz Truss held crisis talks on Friday as the British economy continues to take a beating following her disastrous mini-Budget.

Latest Europe

Italy’s Election Front-Runner Sheds Far-Right Image, Courts the West

Giorgia Meloni has distanced herself from nostalgia for Mussolini and campaigned as a conservative whom Italy’s allies needn’t fear

Russia Introduces Harsh Punishments for Wartime Desertion, Refusal to Serve

The legal changes introduce the concepts of “mobilization, martial law and wartime” to the Russian Criminal Code for the first time. 

Ukraine war: Russian-occupied regions start voting in 'sham referendums'

The moves followed months of conflicting signals from Moscow and separatist officials about the referendums that reflected the shifts on the battlefield.

Heartbreaking moment Princess Charlotte, seven, cries after the Queen’s funeral

The seven-year-old wiped her eyes and was comforted by mum Kate Middleton after saying goodbye to her beloved great-grandmother.

Why Princes Harry and Andrew didn't wear military uniforms during the Queen's funeral

Meanwhile, Prince Harry served in the British Army for 10 years.

‘We will meet again’: Millions bid final farewell to Queen they’ll never forget

The body of the Queen had lain in state for 4½ days, a period that closed just hours before the start of the service.

Second Donbass republic wants vote on uniting with Russia

Donetsk’s civic chamber urged the head of the republic to hold a referendum on joining Russia soon, following Lugansk’s lead

Britain Holds State Funeral for Queen Elizabeth II

The doors of Westminster Abbey have opened for the funeral of Britain’s longest-serving monarch. World leaders, including President Biden, are in attendance and thousands of people are lining the route along which the coffin will be pulled once the ceremony is over.

King Charles ‘wants to change stand-in rules’ to freeze out Prince Harry and Prince Andrew

Prince Harry could be even further ostracised from the Royal Family if King Charles gets his way.

Brussels calls for €7.5B EU funding cut from Hungary over rule of law concerns

EU cohesion funds are given to poorer European countries to help promote growth and employment

Hungary faces EU judgement day that could hammer its economy

It is unclear how much money Hungary could lose if the funding is cut.

​Russian newspaper editor ‘suddenly’ dies ​

Another of Vladimir Putin’s top allies has turned up dead, with the editor-in-chief of his favourite paper “suddenly” falling ill on a business trip 

​William makes devastating admission ​

Prince William has said walking behind the Queen’s coffin reminded him of taking part in his mother’s procession following her tragic death.

​Meghan and Kate’s rare dinner together ​

Harry and Meghan had earlier stood behind King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla on the steps of the grand entrance of the Palace.

​Real reason Prince Harry arrived late ​

Prince Harry was still in the air when news broke that the Queen died. Now, new details have emerged about why.

Huge clue about King Charles’ future following Queen Elizabeth II’s death

The plan for the Queen’s death and ensuing days was plotted out in minute detail for years – but there’s one major factor that was completely overlooked.

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