Need to Write Your Vows? A.I. Can Help.

Artificial intelligence is steadily becoming a trusty tool for composing wedding speeches. Should it be?
Tuesday - 07/03/2023 09:21 Author: Editors Desk Source: N.Y Times
Nahuel Bardi
Nahuel Bardi

By Tammy LaGorce

Published March 3, 2023Updated March 6, 2023

Josh Withers likes it when the couples he marries mess up their vows, such as when someone says, “I take you as my awfully wedded,” instead of the standard “lawfully wedded.”

But lately, Mr. Withers — an international marriage celebrant who helped found the Celebrant Institute, a training and mentoring organization in his native Australia — has been worrying that artificial intelligence will ruin those moments. He has already heard murmurs about the chatbot ChatGPT’s potential role in weddings.

“I’m seeing people using it to write speeches and write vows on wedding Facebook groups,” he said. “If a computer makes the words you speak at a wedding, what you’re going to get is recycled clichés. You’ll lose the humanity, the moments that make us feel love.”

Since its release last November, ChatGPT has become a source of concern in classrooms because of how students can use the chatbot to complete their assignments. Now, the increasing use of A.I. in weddings has raised even more questions about its potential and its ethical boundaries.

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