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Judge Rules DACA Program for Young Immigrants Is Still Illegal

The judge maintained that former President Obama exceeded his authority with the program, which has allowed undocumented migrants to avoid deportation.

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Proud Boys leader Joe Biggs sentenced to 17 years in January 6 case

Prosecutors proposed a 33-year sentence for Biggs of Ormond Beach, Florida. Biggs helped lead Proud Boys at the Capitol, made it inside to the Senate chamber and posted on social media the riot was a "warning shot" to the government, according to a sentencing memo from prosecutors.

​US soldiers killed in horror Darwin crash ​

Tragic details are emerging about a helicopter crash that killed three US Marines north of Darwin on Sunday.


Maui Knew Dangerous Wildfires Had Become Inevitable. It Still Wasn’t Ready.

As President Biden arrives to survey the damage with state and local officials, shock and grief are giving way to anger and questions about the government’s preparation.

Maui fire: First victims named as death toll reaches 106

The first names of people killed by wildfires in Maui have been released by officials, one week after at least 106 people were killed on the island.

Stunned residents find nothing but ashes in Hawaiian town

A new fears has emerged as stunned Hawaiian residents return to their homes to find nothing but ashes.

Hawaii to probe response to devastating wildfires as death toll continues to rise

Hawaii's chief legal officer said Friday she was opening a probe into the handling of devastating wildfires that killed at least 80 people in the state this week, as criticism grows of the official response.

Biden announces new measures to protect Americans from extreme heat

Critics say steps positive but modest as US president stops short of declaring climate emergency

Federal Judge Blocks New Biden Asylum Policy

Immigrant advocacy groups had challenged the administration’s decision to dramatically limit who is allowed to apply for asylum in the U.S.

Debt limit deal passes House, heads to Senate as June 5 default looms

The debt ceiling and budget cuts package is heading toward a crucial U.S. House vote. Congressional leaders looking for support are running into stiff opposition. 

As Title 42 expires, is Joe Biden doing what he condemned Donald Trump for?

"Promises broken," said Julián Castro, who served with Biden in Obama's cabinet.

Air Guardsman Is Charged Over Leaked Documents

The 21-year-old was charged with unlawfully taking and sharing a trove of highly classified intelligence documents, in a security breach that exposed significant vulnerabilities in how the U.S. retains its most closely held secrets.

‘The biggest news here in years’: Pentagon leak suspect’s home town voices shock

Residents of town of Dighton, Massachusetts, stunned by news of arrest of 21-year-old air national guardsman Jack Teixeira

Man suspected of leaking secret US documents to appear in court

His detention may not stanch the flow of secrets

Biden administration quietly resumes deportations to Russia

Exclusive: Apparent reversal of position adopted after invasion of Ukraine sends men fleeing Putin’s draft back to Russia

Senate confirms Garcetti as ambassador to India

The Senate confirmed former L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti as President Biden’s ambassador to India, ending a nearly two-year fight.

Why Alex Murdaugh was spared the death penalty

In the minutes before Judge Clifton Newman delivered his sentence for Alex Murdaugh - two life sentences, consecutively, for the murders of his wife and son - he sat back, rocking his chair back and forth, and addressed the defendant directly.


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