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Up to 2,000 feared drowned after Libyan city hit by ‘catastrophic’ storm floods

Local leaders in eastern city of Derna say thousands missing after two ageing dams collapse overnight

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India becomes the fourth country ever to land a spacecraft on the moon

More than a dozen countries have plans for missions to the moon in the coming years

India becomes first nation to land spacecraft on Moon’s south pole

India on Wednesday made history when its Chandrayaan-3 lander successfully touched down on the Moon's south pole, thought to be a potential source for water and oxygen, days after Russia's mission failed.

Why Hurricane Hilary is so strange — and how it has impacted California

The storm has caused significant flooding, power outages, and rock and mudslides in the Southwest, with more to potentially come.

Russia’s Luna-25 Spacecraft Crashes Into Moon

Russia has been in a race with India to become the first country to land a rover on the moon’s unexplored south pole.


Hawaii wildfires: Crews may find 10 to 20 wildfire victims a day - governor

Recovery crews combing through homes and vehicles burned to a cinder in Hawaii are likely to find 10 to 20 more victims per day, the governor has warned.

Wildfire 'apocalypse' kills 6 on Hawaii's Maui island

Blazes fanned by winds of distant hurricane force residents, tourists to flee

WHO warning on aspartame makes life less sweet for drinks makers

Health body says ingredient is ‘possibly carcinogenic’ but consumption guidance remains unchanged 

Ozempic Can Make You Thin, Not Necessarily Healthy

Diet and exercise still matter when you take drugs for weight loss, and not only for the reasons you expect

Rescued from sub with 12mins to spare ​

The survivor of a submarine that sank half a century ago has described his experience of being trapped underwater and rescued just 12 minutes before his oxygen ran out.

Eerie detail about missing sub pilot ​

There is a chilling connection between the wife of the missing submersible pilot and a couple who died on the Titanic in 1912.

Rescuers Follow Banging Noises in Search for Missing Titanic Submersible

The Coast Guard said there are five surface assets and two remote-operated vehicles searching the area the noises came from, with more arriving in the coming day.

Vessel passengers may face dwindling oxygen levels and cold

Search mission continues for missing Titanic tour sub

70 HOURS LEFT: Five lost including billionaire as Titanic sub vanishes

Authorities are in a race against time to find a tourist submarine with five on board that disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean while exploring the Titanic wreckage.

​Ozempic users report disgusting side effect ​

Those using the weight-loss and diabetes management medication have reported experiencing a side effect they’re not entirely fond of.

​Covid patient zero ‘identified’ ​

A bombshell report has unmasked the Wuhan individual believed to be Covid’s infamous patient zero, a move that’s been described as a “game changer”.



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