Lil Nas X trolls fans with uncensored Industry Baby video

Thursday - 29/07/2021 09:44
Singer Lil Nas X’s latest video comes with a very racy full-frontal scene – and after pleas from fans, he’s just dropped the uncensored version.
Lil Nas X's new video.Source:YouTube
Lil Nas X's new video.Source:YouTube

If you thought rapper and singer Lil Nas X couldn’t outdo his last music video – which climaxed with him giving Satan a lap-dance – you haven’t seen his latest effort.

The clip for the self-referential star’s new single Industry Baby imagines a world where Lil Nas X has been sent to jail over the furore surrounding his last song – and features a (censored) nude prison block shower scene.

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Letting it all hang out in Montero State Prison.
Letting it all hang out in Montero State Prison.Source:YouTube

Lil Nas and a posse of back-up dancers perform in the buff in the brief scene, which has caused a stir among fans since the video dropped a week ago – with many demanding the star release an uncensored version.

Fans were begging Lil Nas to release an uncensored version.
Fans were begging Lil Nas to release an uncensored version.Source:YouTube



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Lil Nas entertained the pleas, first promising he’d drop the uncensored video “onto Pornhub” if his tweet got 200,000 likes.

That came and went – until today, a week after the video dropped, Lil Nas X surprise-dropped Industry Baby (Uncensored Video) on YouTube.

Watch on if you dare – the shower scene starts at the 34-second mark:

No, your internet didn’t just crash. The video deliberately freezes at the 34-second mark – one shot before it’d otherwise cut to Lil Nas X and his dancers performing their full-frontal nude dance routine.

We’ve all been trolled by a master.

Even better: Music videos on YouTube have to be played for a minimum of 30 seconds before they can be counted to an artist’s official streams. Every thirsty fan clicking on this video adds to the streaming count for the single, even after they give up as soon as the shower scene appears to freeze. And then there’s all the fans who’ll reload two, three, four times, assuming their internet connection is playing up. With Lil Nas X’s previous single Montero (Call Me By Your Name) a global number one, it seems he’s doing everything in his power to secure an equally impressive debut for the follow-up.

Did Lil Nas X have this prank in mind from before he even shot the video? And did he know from day one that the attention-grabbing nude scene would have to go at least 30 seconds into the video so that he got to both prank his fans and up his streams?

Either way, it’s working:

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