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Elon Musk Has Twitter’s Data, but Getting Answers on Spam Accounts May Be Tougher

Billionaire has access to the company’s fire hose of tweets, but data specialists say analyzing it isn’t easy

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Leaks expose Twitter executives' fears of Musk

One executive said Twitter’s censors are now in a “very difficult” position, while another reportedly cried

Elon Musk buys Twitter

The board of directors accepts the entrepreneur’s $44 billion offer after initial resistance

The finance secrets of big tech

Court cases and antitrust probes are forcing the technology giants to spill the beans

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Jabs the Board as Elon Musk Proposes Takeover

The co-founder of the social-media company is one of the only insiders chiming in on the fate of the company he helped create

Musk may spend $15 billion of his own money on Twitter – media

The world’s richest man wants to take the microblogging platform private

Elon Musk Offers to Buy Rest of Twitter for $54.20 a Share

Musk calls bid ‘his best and final offer’

Russia bans Google ads

The measure comes in response to misinformation and discrimination on its platforms

Trump's Truth Social app branded a disaster

In October, Donald Trump announced he was planning to launch a revolutionary technology company.

Stocks soar as Elon Musk purchases 9.2 per cent stake in Twitter

Elon Musk has dropped a portion of his giant empire on a piece of Twitter, instantly sending stock prices to Mars.

How Microsoft Became Washington’s Favorite Tech Giant

President Brad Smith has taken an amicable role with regulators. Rivals say he also directs negative attention toward them. Microsoft’s Activision deal, under FTC review, will test the strategy.

Mark Zuckerberg and Meta’s Leadership Take Remote Work to the Extreme

Executives are scattering to locations far from Silicon Valley headquarters, working from Hawaii, Cape Cod, Europe

You Can Now View Your Instagram Feed in Chronological Order

A new setting lets you view your Instagram feed in the order photos were actually posted, but Meta will still push you back to its algorithms when it can.

Russia bans Facebook and Instagram

The court ruling means both social networks will be blocked, but WhatsApp messenger will remain operational in the country

After Walt Disney, Robert Iger Heads to the Metaverse

The former CEO and chairman has joined the board of a startup that offers tools to create and sell virtual goods

YouTube blocks Russian state-funded media, including RT and Sputnik, around the world

YouTube is immediately blocking access around the world to channels associated with Russian state-funded media, it said on Friday, citing a policy barring content that denies, minimizes or trivializes well-documented violent events.

Russia to brand Meta an extremist entity and ban Instagram

The US tech giant is reportedly now permitting posts on its platforms that call for the killing of Russian soldiers in Ukraine

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