Wendy Williams Reveals How Far ‘The Masked Singer’ Goes To Keep Stars ID Secret

Wednesday - 16/06/2021 09:55
“They won’t even let you order room service,” the talk show host told “Late Night” comedian Seth Meyers.

Talk show host Wendy Williams spilled the tea on Tuesday about how “The Masked Singer” keeps the identities of its star performers a secret until their eventual unmasking.

It involves burlap sacks, being sequestered for days in a hotel — and no trips out.

“They send a plane for you, first of all,” Williams, who was transformed into Lips on Season 4 of Fox’s hit show, told “Late Night” comedian Seth Meyers.

“From the time you land, they throw a burlap sack over you and shuttle you off to the hotel,” she continued. “You cannot be seen. You can’t shop. You can’t go out with friends. You can’t do anything in between doing it. And all you can do is sit in your hotel room.”

“Like, literally, they won’t even let you order room service because the room service person might recognize you as being who you are,” Williams added.

Williams said she was holed up in a hotel — with her “people” who’d go out and get her food — for the entire week of the show.

But it “seemed like a month,” she added.

As for her short-lived stint as Lips, Williams said it was her laugh between verses on Odyssey’s 1977 hit “Native New Yorker” that gave away her identity on the show. 

Watch the interview here:


See Williams’ performance as Lips here:


See her unmasking here:

And compare to Odyssey’s original here:



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