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Pennsylvania primary: Trump-backed 'Dr Oz' in cliffhanger vote count

A Trump-backed celebrity doctor's campaign to run as the next Republican senator for Pennsylvania has come down to a nail-biting conclusion.

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Ketanji Brown Jackson hearings begin – could Republicans sink her chances?

Nominee could become first black woman in supreme court’s history, and Biden is hoping for a smooth confirmation process

OPINION The real reason the feds haven’t indicted Trump

The federal court system would be crippled if many more defendants started exercising their right to a jury trial.

Biden Unveils New Covid-19 Strategy for Next Phase of Response

The administration will need to secure enough funding to fulfill an array of plans

Ukraine crisis: Biden threatens to punish Putin over invasion

US President Joe Biden has told Congress that Vladimir Putin badly misjudged how the West would hit back once he invaded Ukraine.

Florida's DeSantis gains popularity with Trump-like anti-'woke' agenda

Florida's governor is becoming the clear Trump alternative for Republicans.

US: Donald Trump, family must testify in fraud investigation

The former US President has been ordered to answer questions under oath in a probe on alleged fraudulent practices at his family business.

Judge to dismiss Sarah Palin's New York Times libel lawsuit

A New York judge has ruled that a libel lawsuit filed against the New York Times by former Alaska governor and vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin will be thrown out due to lack of evidence.

Pence dismisses Trump claim that he could have overturned 2020 election

In a sharp rebuke of his former boss, former U.S. Vice President Mike Pence said on Friday that Donald Trump was wrong to believe Pence had the power to reverse the outcome of the 2020 presidential election that Trump has falselyclaimed was stolen from him.

Ketanji Brown Jackson emerges as frontrunner for vacant US Supreme Court seat

If appointed, she would be the first black woman to sit on country’s most powerful bench

'This Is a Complicated Country': Read Stephen Breyer's Supreme Court Retirement Speech

After Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg's death gave former President Donald Trump a chance for a last-minute nomination, Democrats ramped up pressure for Breyer to retire. His retiring would eliminate the risk of his seat going to a conservative justice, swaying the court even farther to the right.

Black Women Overwhelmingly Support Black Female Supreme Court Nominee: Poll

The poll was conducted from January 4 to 9 among 507 Black women voters nationwide and has a margin of error of plus or minus 5.04 percent.

US Supreme Court: The women in the running to replace Stephen Breyer

US President Joe Biden has affirmed that he will appoint an African-American woman to the top US court for the first time in history.

Unthinkable Kamala career move suggested

An outlandish theory suggesting US Vice President Kamala Harris will soon find herself in a new job has been rubbished by experts.

Justice Stephen Breyer to Retire From Supreme Court

Justice Breyer, who will leave at the end of the term, has championed the court’s independence from politics. The retirement opens the door for the president to deliver on his promise to nominate the court’s first Black woman.

Biden supporters 'apoplectic' one year into his presidency

Just over a year ago, millions of energized young people, women, voters of color and independents joined forces to send Joe Biden to the White House

Supreme Court blocks COVID-19 vaccine-or-testing mandate for workplaces but lets medical rule stand

The court in a second unsigned opinion permitted a vaccine mandate on people employed at health care facilities that receive federal funding through Medicare and Medicaid. That measure affects about 10 million workers.

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