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UK Defence Secretary warns Vladimir Putin could declare a new world war within days

Britain’s Defence Secretary has warned Russian President Vladimir Putin could declare a new world war on a particular date in May.

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Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev threatens to move nuclear weapons towards Finland and Sweden if they join NATO

Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev has warned that Russia would deploy nuclear weapons in a new location if a red line is crossed.

Ukraine War: Finland to decide on Nato membership in weeks says PM Marin

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin says her country will decide whether to apply to join Nato "within weeks".

Why so much of the world won’t stand up to Russia

Rising food prices and a history of Western hypocrisy and selfishness aren’t helping

Finland is hurtling towards NATO membership

The NATO-Russia border would double at a stroke

Viktor Orban Is Set for a Fourth Term as Hungary's Prime Minister. That Could Be a Boost for Putin

It was an election that was supposed to be dominated by Hungary’s woeful healthcare system following a dire pandemic response—

​‘War criminal’: Biden unleashes on Putin ​

US President Joe Biden called for a war crimes trial over the alleged atrocities in Ukraine that sparked a wave of outrage. WARNING: Distressing

Russia’s chilling dream of new ‘world order’ with China

The US has been pressing China not to support Russia – but Vladimir Putin has other, grander, plans, and the signs from Beijing are ominous.

Russian bombers armed with nuclear warheads violated EU air space, Sweden says

Russian bombers armed with nuclear warheads have been accused of violating European Union air space, and doing so on purpose.

Russia vows to ‘radically reduce’ military activity in northern Ukraine

Experts and western diplomats voice caution over pledge on first day of face-to-face talks in Istanbul

Japan pushes India to denounce Russia

The Japanese PM said that Russia’s actions in Ukraine are ‘shaking the very essence of the international order’

US should have dialogue with Russia, address ‘crux’ of Ukrainian crisis, China’s Xi tells Biden

The presidents of the two countries have held talks discussing the hottest international and bilateral issues

US tells allies China signalled openness to providing Russia with military support

Moscow requested equipment including surface-to-air missiles, according to diplomatic cables

US urged China not to supply arms to Russia at ‘intense’ Rome meeting

China had denounced reports that Moscow asked for military equipment as ‘malicious disinformation

Russians may soon need humanitarian corridors themselves, Zelensky warns

The Ukrainian president says Moscow’s offensive has provoked the wrath of the world

Why India's failure to take a hard stance on Russia could backfire

India has abstained on every UN vote condemning Russia's actions in Ukraine

Poland says will only send planes to Ukraine in NATO plan

As US Vice President Kamala Harris visits, Poland has said it is only ready to supply fighter jets to Ukraine as part of a NATO initiative. Washington had earlier rejected a proposal to pass Polish planes on to Kyiv.

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