War in Ukraine

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Moscow opens criminal case over Putin warrant

Russia’s investigative committee says the ICC prosecutor and judges acted “illegally”

Latest War in Ukraine

Ukraine war: Florida Ron DeSantis invited to visit after remarks

Ukraine has invited Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to visit after he said the Russian invasion was a "territorial dispute" with Russia which was not one of the US's "vital national interests".

US accuses Russia of downing drone

European Command says a Reaper UAV was damaged in an encounter with two Su-27s

Moscow conducts major ‘retaliation strike’ on Ukraine

The missile barrage came in response to a terrorist attack on Russia’s Bryansk region, the Ministry of Defense has said

Wagner mercenary group claims control of 'eastern part' of Bakhmut

The Wagner mercenary group has taken full control of the eastern part of Bakhmut, its founder Yevgeny Prigozhin claimed Wednesday, the eastern Ukrainian town where fighting has raged for weeks. Pressure has been mounting on Ukrainian troops trying to hold the town against Russian soldiers hoping to capture it no matter the cost. Follow our live blog for all the latest developments on the war in Ukraine.

Russia vows to capture Bakhmut, push further into east

Kyiv (Ukraine) (AFP) – Russia vowed Tuesday to capture the Ukrainian town of Bakhmut, the epicentre of fierce fighting for months, as a precursor for offensives deeper into eastern Ukraine.

‘Bakhmut will fall’ – Ukrainian tank soldier to AFP

Kiev’s troops on the ground are reportedly concerned that the government is clinging to a key Donbass city

With Western support for Ukraine flagging, a protracted war is in Vladimir Putin’s interest 

Ambiguity has held Kyiv’s allies together so far – but it will divide them when the conflict’s final stages approach.

Wagner chief calls on Zelenskiy to abandon ‘encircled’ Bakhmut

Yevgeny Prigozhin says his troops are fighting against old men and children in besieged eastern Ukraine town

Blinken Presses Russia’s Lavrov in Unscheduled G-20 Discussion

Ukraine war overshadows gathering of top diplomats, with Russia and China rejecting a collective condemnation of the invasion

Why Elite Law and Medical Schools Can’t Stand U.S. News

Our rankings provide students vital, accurate data. Administrators don’t like to be held accountable.

China Reportedly Negotiating with Russia To Supply Kamikaze Drones

The U.S. and Germany have warned China not to deliver weapons to Russia. According to information obtained by DER SPIEGEL, however, Beijing and Moscow are said to be negotiating the purchase of 100 strike drones, which could be delivered as soon as April.

Why Moldova fears it could be next for Putin

Moldova is the most affected country after Ukraine (by) the war.

War in Ukraine ‘stems from the Orange Revolution, a humiliating ordeal for Putin’

One year into the war that Russia launched against Ukraine, FRANCE 24 takes a closer look at the anti-Western rhetoric President Vladimir Putin used to justify the conflict, which is rooted in events in the early 2000s, according to historian Françoise Thom, an expert on post-Communist Russia. 

Ukraine war: Zelensky wants Xi Jinping meeting following China's peace plan

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said he plans to meet China's leader Xi Jinping to discuss Beijing's proposals on ending the war in Ukraine.

Moldova warns of Russian 'psy-ops' as tensions rise

Moldova's leaders have rejected Russian claims that Ukraine is planning to attack the country's breakaway pro-Russian territory, and called for calm.

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