Putin's call to mobilize more troops to fight in Ukraine heightens tensions at home

Thursday - 22/09/2022 07:11 Author: Editors Desk Source: CBC News:
Russian president also warned West not to intervene

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced plans to call up 300,000 reservists to fight in Ukraine, a sign of how much Russia’s military is struggling. A Moscow-based student who got his draft notice says he was shocked by the massive mobilization.

President Vladimir Putin's call Wednesday to mobilize Russian troops to fight in the battlefields of Ukraine is raising the stakes at home, where the government message has been that life continues as normal despite the "special military operation" next door. 

The partial mobilization shatters that narrative, as 300,000 young men are being called up to serve in Ukraine. 

It's the first such mobilization in Russia since the Second World War. 

"I was shocked by this," said Georgiy, a Moscow-based student who received a draft notice on Sept 19. 

CBC spoke with him Wednesday morning and has agreed to disclose only his first name because he could face punishment for speaking out. 

The 23-year-old served in the military four years ago when he was conscripted, but recently received a draft notice asking him to report to his local military office because he was being called up to perform a technical role.

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